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Licensed Site Professionals on Staff We have LSP's on staff to ensure that Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) compliance is met on 21E sites.

What is an LSP?

An LSP is an environmental scientist or engineer experienced in the cleanup of oil and hazardous material contamination. The LSP's job is to ensure that actions taken to address contaminated property comply with Massachusetts regulations and protect public health, safety, welfare, and the environment.

LSP's are licensed by the state Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals (usually referred to as the "LSP Board"), based upon education, experience, and passing an exampination on applicable regulations and relevant technical issues.

The LSP Board establishes professional standards that LSP's must meet to remain licensed. These standards address technical ability, decision-making experience, and ethical practice.

About LSP

What will the LSP do?

Your LSP will gather and evaluate information about the contamination on your property. He or she will then recommend a course of action for meeting state requirements. This recommendation will be presented in the form of a written "opinion." Opinions usually do not require MassDEP approval, so work can begin promptly. Once the cleanup is complete, your LSP will submit a final Opinion to MassDEP stating that your property has been cleaned up.

Opinions may be provided only by an LSP. Environmental scientists or engineers not licensed by the LSP Board may not provide Opinions. They may, however, perform work upon which the Opinion is based.

Does MassDEP get involved?

Although most cleanups are performed without direct involvement of MassDEP, there are a few exceptions. MassDEP responds to environmental emergencies (such as oil spill), and may also provide oversight or require its approval of response actions during key stages of assessment and cleanup at any site, if conditions warrant. Your LSP will be able to identify such properties.

In addition, MassDEP audits a portion of all cleanup to ensure that work meets the state requirements.

How do I benefit from using an LSP?

Your LSP will guide you through the process. He or she will advise you on state regulatory requirements and recommend actions that are appropriate for your specific situation.

Also, since there is little direct MassDEP involvement, your property can be cleaned up as quickly as possible. In general, a faster cleanup will cost you less money. One reason for this is that MassDEP's regulations have built-in incentives: the faster work is completed, the less you pay in Mass DEP fees. Your LSP can advise you on the least expensive way to clean up your property while fulfilling all state requirements.